Nomination is a traditional faux celebrity community. Our goal is to foster an inclusive and active environment that welcomes characters from a wide array of backgrounds. We welcome all sorts of credit claims; socialites, a-list movie stars, and a celebrity chefs all have a home in our community!

Standard RP rules apply here. You should be respectful to fellow members and be mindful not to cross the ic/ooc line. If we see you breaking these rules, you will be removed from the community. Everyone is here to have fun. We will not tolerate harrassment of any kind. Please inform the mods if you or someone you know is being harrassed or bullied in our community and we'll address it immediately!

We do not accept challenges for pbs or credits.

We don't require any of our members to gain mod approval for their own storylines, but please leave any additions or changes to your character's credits in the dropbox after adds.

We plan on hosting opt-in community events, prompts, moderated gossip posts and free-for-alls, so join us and have fun! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns for the mods, please do not hesistate to drop us a message in the dropbox. It's our priority to make nomination fun, friendly, and active, and we're all ears for any suggestions you might have.

To apply, your character will need an ic username with no numbers or underscores, a screened ooc post with your bio, and a friends-only post. Because we understand how long the development process for a faux character can take, we only require that you write five detailed facts on your character's background in addition to credit claims. You are more than welcome to write a traditional bio or link us to a directory page. We also would like you to include a short blurb on your character's reputation in the media. We require you show us two examples-- we're not going to specify what type, just show us your best work! If your application was deleted, you have been rejected from the community. After acceptance, you have 3 days to post your introduction to our subcommunity, mtvcribs.

Failure to post to mtvcribs within the allotted time period will result in removal.

Our credits policy is largely similar to many past faux communities, with a few exceptions. Please keep the five-year rule in mind. We will not be strictly enforcing this policy, but we will consider it when reviewing applications as it pertains to your claim. Whitewashing of any claims is strictly prohibited, but racebending roles portrayed by white characters is permitted (provided it makes sense for the claim). Thus, you may NOT play Jeremy Allen White as Oscar in Fruitvale Station, but you may play Steve Yeun as the Sebastian in La La Land.

Genderbending off-camera industry roles (directors, producers, and screenwriters) is permitted, providing it makes sense in context. These claims will be considered on a case-by-case basis. You can mix and match these credits, but please make keep style, cultural impact, and and tone in mind. For example, we would permit a Rachel Weisz pb to claim Darren Aronofsky credits, but would not permit an Andy Samberg pb to claim Lena Dunham directing and writing credits.

We allow directors, producers, cinematographers, writers, and other off-camera film industry roles to claim an entire person's body of work including acting cameos these people may have made in their own films.

Musicians are limited to one claim, to include all tours and albums. This does not include your musician's other pursuits (for example, a character claiming Ariana Grande's music career is not required to also claim her role on Sam & Cat or her fragrance line).

For the sake of simplicity, filming periods, tour dates, release dates and related events will be kept the same as real life. Please keep these in mind when planning your character, as these events take up a significant amount of time. Do not overbook your character. We encourage all our members to research the industries their characters belong to, including their time constraints. You should have a basic understanding of the political aspect of showbusiness. Please take the time to create a plausible career trajectory for your character.

For projects that are in development, you may only attach a claim to a specific person's rumored involvement to that role. If that person departs the project, so does your character.

Each member is allowed three changes to their credits per month. You may request credit changes and view our queue here. Credits will not be added to the official credit list until after a character has made an intro in our subcommunity.

Please do not hesistate to ask the mods any questions you may have concerning credits! No question is a stupid question, and we will do our best to work with you.

Our goal is to make nomination as active and friendly as possible and we can’t do it without you! We will run on a monthly update cycle. While we do not have a word count, we are looking for updates that show effort and provide further insight or development of your character. Simple playlists or Instagram posts will not count as an update, but significant coding efforts and narratives will be allowed. If you have any questions about what constitutes an update, feel free to ask the mods in our dropbox! If you re removed from the community for not updating, we ask you to update before returning unless significant time as passed. You may drop off activity here.

In addition to a once monthly update, we are also looking for every member to post in mtvcribs at least once a month. Remember, this is the minimum, and we encourage you to post as many times as you want! These posts can include, but aren’t limited to, lyrics posts, hosting group activities, ffas, plot posts, etc. If you are added after the 15th of the month you are not required to post an update; your activity requirements will be satisfied by your introduction.

Please keep your friends lists updated! It is an important part of welcoming new members to the community as well as keeping everyone current. If your friends list is outdated by 2 weeks, you will be removed from the community.

If you have been removed for inactivity and would like to re-join the community, please update before re-applying.